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how does Conservandsave work?

  • Cooler in Summer
  • Warmer in Winter

Unlike other insulation products that are commonly used in lofts, tiled roofs and walls etc., our unique foil has been specifically developed to combat the problems that cause the “too hot-too cold” situations that are associated with conservatories.

These problems are caused, in the main, because the roof originally fitted is not fit for the purpose it’s being used for.

Our tailor made foil is not only effective, it’s also the most ecologically friendly foil available. Read on to find out more!

  1. Don’t Be Foiled!

    Whilst most multi-foil solutions are a polymer and fade over time, our 99.4% True Aluminium foil will always be as effective as the day it’s fitted

  2. Built for Purpose

    Most multi-foil alternatives are adapted from their original use and aren’t meant to be exposed to the conditions found in a conservatory

  3. Mind the Gap!

    Due to the thickness of most multi-foil quilts, they’re often installed without the required air gap needed to achieve insulation

  4. Low Profile

    At only 5mm thickness our foil can achieve the crucial maximum air gap needed for effective insulation & pass Building Authority Regulations

  5. The Green Choice

    Our foil is the most ecologically friendly foil available, made from totally non-toxic polyethene foam and 40% recycled materials

  6. Worldwide Appeal

    With over 1billion sqft installed in over 30 countries worldwide, our foil is the #1 choice for insulation around the globe.


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Here’s what our clients say . . .

Our installation was the 21st January 2019, since then we have had sun, rain and now -7 degrees temperatures and weather. The guys turned up, introduced themselves, were very polite, and quickly got on with the task. They never stopped! We have a huge conservatory.

The last 10 years it has been a hopeless case, trying to keep it warm through the winter even though we’ve had the underfloor heating on 24/7 and max. temperature. My wife looks after children in there, it’s her workplace, and she supplemented the heating with one, sometimes two, electric fan heaters. Expensive! Since we have had our insulation done, the temperature has remained constant at 24 degrees and sometimes switched off when outside has been zero!

To say this has worked is an understatement. We are more than pleased. It rained and we could hardly hear it. The sun came out and the temperature stayed stable. We cannot recommend this product enough, and its installers – they cleaned everything and everywhere. Nothing to do when they had gone but to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Its five stars from us. Would very highly recommend! You get what you pay for: service, quality and result. Don’t be cheated by other systems – this definitely works Mr & Mrs McNiece, Leicester, UK

We always welcome feedback, you can get in touch with us at enquiries@conservandsave.co.uk

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